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About Softball



Welcome to Mariemont Recreation Softball!
The objectives of the program are to 1) teach and emphasize principles of good sportsmanship, fair play and teamwork, 2) introduce girls to the game of softball and teach the fundamental techniques of play - fielding, batting, throwing and pitching, and 3) have fun!

We participate in two leagues:

Coach Pitch - 8&Under Group - this league is designed for beginning softball players, ages 8&Under. Twelve games are scheduled, beginning in mid-April and ending in early June.

Fast Pitch Age Groups -9&Under, 10&Under, 12&Under and 14&Under. Fourteen games are scheduled, beginning in mid-April and ending in early June. 

A players age group is determined by their age as of January 1st of that season.

Practices are held at the Mariemont Bell Tower, and Drackett Field in Terrace Park. There are normally two practices/week, starting around April 1st.

Games could be held during the week and/or weekend.

Equipment: Girls are required to have a glove and to wear cleats. An infield softball face mask is required for 10&Under, 12&Under and 14&Under. Softballs, bats and game uniforms are furnished by the Mariemont Recreation Association. For the 8&Under and 9&Under age groups, we use an 11" softie ball, 10&Under we use 11" hard ball -the older groups use a 12" ball.